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Hardy Fly Fishing Reels

Highest quality Hardy Reels with free delivery in UK, from Eyebrook Tacle Shop. NEW Ultralite CA DD and MA DD available now.
Hardy Ultralite CA DD Fly Reel

Hardy designed, large ultra large conical arbor for fast line pick up. 360degree colour coded drag system. Ultra smooth performance, fast retrieve and super lightweight.

Hardy Ultralite MA DD Fly Reel

Hardy have produced a reel designed for anglers who want a bit more backing, that offers super smooth performance, a 360 degree colour coded drag system combined with a Mid arbour retrieve.

Hardy Ultralite ASR Cassette Fly Reels

The NEW Hardy cassette fly reel

Hardy Fortuna X Fly Reels

Hardy have designed the ultimate offshore saltwater or heavy duty freshwater fly reel.