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STONFO Morsetto Fly Tying Vice's

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STONFO Kaiman Rotary Vice 174 .99 POST FREE

STONFO Kaiman Rotary Vice £174 .99 POST FREE

Watch a video introduction of the Kaiman Vice

High technology vise for a fast hook changing. To use simply squeeze the lever and the drop the hook into the jaw. The hook will be held solidly in the vise. The hardened steel jaw is designed to cover hooks ranging from tiny size 28 to mighty 5/0 saltwater hooks with no adjustments. Other features: lever with anatomic handle, 360° rotary action with dual precision ball bearings, double diameter handwheel, adjustable rotary tension, locking position to 0°, adjustable tying angle, adjustable height. The lever can be set up for both left and right handed use. Supplied with pedestal base, spring material clip, allen keys and instruction manual.

STONFO Morsetto Flytec Leva Rotary Vice

STONFO Morsetto Flytec Leva Rotary Vice

£214.99 POST FREE

Watch this video introduction of the Leva Vice

This Flagship product comprises all the extra features and accessories found throughout the Morsetto range. The locking lever easily secures any hook. The full rotary head runs on a stainless steel shaft with two precision ball bearings. It features 360 degree rotation with a convenient stop at 180 degrees. Supplied complete with 3 interchangeable Case Hardened Steel Jaws, Bobbin rest, centering gauge, spring material clip, Pedestal base and C-Clamp.

STONFO Morsetto Flytec Lever Vice

STONFO Morsetto Flytec Lever Vice

£139.99 POST FREE

Watch this video introduction to the Lever Vice

High quality rotary vise for the construction of fly fishing flies. Hook locking by lever device. Infinite head angle adjustment and 360° rotary action. Adjustable rotary tension. Locking knob 0°-180°. Small and lightweight. Supplied with pedestal base, C clamp, 3 interchangeable hardened steel jaws, spring material clip, Allen key and instruction manual.

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