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Uni 6/0 Fly Tying Thread

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6/0 All-Round Tying Thread . 50yd Spool. and 200yd Spool (black only) pre waxed tying thread. This is our biggest selling thread. Pre-waxed for convenience.
Uni 6/0 Thread

Uni 6/0 Thread

UNi Tying Threads

How thread is sized
Currently UNi as with a lot of fly thread brands use the "0" (Aught) system. In this system the larger the number in front of the "0" the smaller the thread. For instance 8/0 thread is thinner than 6/0 thread. This numbering system is totally arbitrary and varies widely between the manufacturers. When comparing threads of different brands, we suggest you do not use the Aught system because the only accurate way to compare sizes of threads is by denier.

A thread for every need
UNi 3/0 Big Fly. Designed for tying the largest saltwater flies, spinning hair on bass bugs and as a substitute for floss for bodies and ribs. Use it on any large fly where you need the thread to be very bulky, such as building up a tapered head on a large saltwater streamer. Also it is a very good ribbing material.
UNi 6/0. Excellent for the majority of flies, it is the perfect choice for size 2 - 16 flies. Just right for all types of patterns.
UNi 8/0. This is a great size for tying the smallest of flies and for tying with low bulk on larger flies. It is the ideal choice for dry flies, nymphs, and midges size 14 or smaller.

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