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Wychwood Fly Boxes

Wychwood VUEfinder Competition Fly Box

The VUEfinder Competition box is capable of storing
up to 1,000 flies with a unique locking clip design
which allows competition fly anglers to measure
selected flies to ensure they meet the International
competition fishing regulations and standards.
In addition to these unique features the Competition
box is a new, clear lid concept fly box which aids
the correct selection of flies when stored alongside
numerous boxes in your luggage.
The clear high density Polycarbonate lids also provide
fantastic durability, handling and water resistance
when coupled with the rubber seals, together they
offer the fly angler an unprecedented value for money.
Available in three configurations, featuring ripple or
slot foam to suit any of the fly angler's demands.

Wychwood VUEfinder Fly box's

Wychwood VUEfinder Fly box's

The Clear lid concept of these tough high density Polycarbonate bxes allows you to see exactly what flies you have, with out the time consuming chore of opening endless boxes for 'THAT FISH CATCHING FLY'
2 sizes 5" x 3" and 6" x 3.5", with Double Ripple insert, Ripple & Slot insert or Double Slot insert.