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The ultimate fly finish.
Bug Bond Original and Lite 20ml Resin 17.99

Bug Bond Original and Lite 20ml Resin £17.99

Original Bug-Bond is a Multi-Purpose UV Cure Resin designed primarily for fly tying as an easy to use replacement for epoxy, which can be messy and time consuming. It has been developed for use as a coating and is ideal for coating and doming applications. The optically clear and tack free formulation also makes this product suitable for fly tying, rod building and various other applications
Bug-Bond (Original-Clear) is supplied with an applicator which allows you to apply small amounts and work this with a bodkin or a wooden tooth pick to get the desired effect on the item and then cure...this can take as little as 5 to 10 seconds. Large amounts of resin in saltwater baitfish patterns can take longer to cure BUT not as long or as inconvenient as using a drying wheel if using two part resins. A great feature of BugBond is that it will not to yellow on exposure to sunlight... in fact strong sunlight will deepen the cure further.
Testing has proved successful with large heads on pike flies, encapsulation of heads and dumbbell eyes on freshwater and saltwater patterns as well as full baitfish bodies, grayling bug backs, epoxy style buzzers and shrimp exoskeletons.
Lite A thinner version of bug bond which makes a great alternative to head cements and varnish. The perfect replacement for epoxy and superglue when making buzzers and small nymphs.
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Bug Bond Original Resin



Bug Bond Lite Resin


Bug Bond Standard Lamp 13.99

Bug Bond Standard Lamp £13.99

Bug Bond Multi-UV LED light - this is Bug Bond entry level light to enable curing of BUG-BOND™. It will cure BUG-BOND™ in most applications and was the light that was used to construct the BUG-BOND™ 9' 9# fly rod. This light is built to a price to allow those on a limited budget to access the benefits of BUG-BOND™. The light is powered by 3 AAA batteries, batteries are not included

Bug Bond Standard Lamp


Bug Bond PRO Lamp

Bug Bond PRO Lamp

Bug Bond Professional UV curing light - is a single emitter UV light that will appeal to the discerning fly tier. This is possibly the sleekest, smartest, smallest and cheapest to run UV light for curing UV cure resin available. It uses a single AA power cell. Tests have been conducted using NiMH rechargeable batteries and excellent results have been achieved. It will work equally as well with alkaline batteries if required. The casing is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium and anodised to a Type III specification and weighs in at a measly 74g including battery. The ability to power a high quality light with a readily available and inexpensive power cell in most countries will give customers outside the UK and those who travel the confidence that they can cure BUG-BOND™ wherever they might be on the globe! Link this with the fact that most rechargeable packs of AA batteries are sold in units of 4 batteries this will provide the fly-tier with an almost constant supply of UV light that will cure BUG-BOND™. Batteries are NOT included.

Bug Bond PRO Lamp


Bug Bond Tips 4.99

Bug Bond Tips £4.99

Pack of tips for the resin bottles.

Bug Bond Tips