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Fly Fishing Landing Nets

Wychwood Landing Nets.

The Eyebrook Tackle shop has an extensive range of fly fishing landing nets and fly fishing acccessories. A UK based fly fishing shop that has ranges from worldclass net makers McClean from New Zealand, Wychwood. Fly fishing accessories are our speciality.

Mclean Fly Fishing Nets

Based in Christchurch City, South Island, New Zealand, McLean Angling specialises in the manufacture of landing nets. Since 1987 when the first WeighNet was invented, the range has expanded to cover the needs of almost every game angler. The company aim always, through design and quality, to provide long lasting service to customers worldwide.
New for 2013- Rubberised Mesh
" Easy to wash - Protection against invasive species.
" Soft flexible rubber - Minimises fish stress/ tangled hooks.
" UV proof - Tough and long lasting.