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Shakespeare Oracle Switch Double Hand Rod £81.99

Quality at a budget price.

Shakespeare Oracle Switch Double Hand Rod

Shakespeare Oracle Switch Double Hand Rod

The Shakespeare Oracle EXP Switch Fly Rod is a 6 piece switch rod that is ideal for the travelling angler and designed for small river salmon and sea trout where there are low branches and not much casting room.

Switch rods are very fashionable at the moment and popular for fishing on smaller rivers and when targeting sea trout and Grilse on bigger rivers in the summer. They are very useful when smaller flies and lighter lines are required to improve presentation.

They are called switch because being lightweight they can be cast single handed (like a normal single handed rod) or Spey cast using both hands using the built in extension handle. These rods excel in situations where longer two handed salmon rods are simply too big and where long single handed rods are tiresome to use.

The Oracle EXP Switch have proved to be very good in testing, one of Shakespeare's field testers, Jim Curry, took the 7/8 on a trip to Iceland. They never got it back as he loves it so much! Also the 6pc configuration makes them perfect for the travelling angler.

o High Modulus Carbon Blank
o AAA quality cork
o Satin Matt blank finish
o Aluminium Reel seat
o Stainless Steel Zirconium insert striper guide
o Stainless Steel single leg guides
o Weight = 162grm
o 6 Piece
o Supplied in Cordura tube

ORACLE Switch 11FT #7/8


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Oracle Switch 11' #7/8
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£ 89.99