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VISION Fly Fishing 2019

Vision Single Hand Fly Fishing Rods 2019

'Vision work very hard to stay at the frontline of rod development'.

Vision Preditor Fly Lines

Big Mama & Big Daddy Fly Lines

Vision Fly Fishing Waders & Boots

VISION WADERS - confident comfort
In general a pair of quality waders is by far the most important piece of your fishing tackle. In an emergency you can always cast and fish with a broom stick, but wading in an ice-cold mountain stream or the North Sea with a pair of leaking waders will have a very quick, cold and wet end. This is the reason why we try to emphasize the importance of selecting the right waders.


Great deals on waders and boots.

Vision Fly Fishing Wading Jackets

At Eyebrook Tackle Shop Vision Technical fishing jackets are real wonders of our times.
We offer an online shopping experience so you can browse our products at your leisure from the comfort of your own home...

... but there'll never be a substitute for the 'touchy feely' experience when you're in a store face-to-face receiving a more personal service.
One that comes highly recommended if you're looking to purchase waders, boots or any clothing garments for that matter, not to mention casting various fly lines on a variety of rods to confirm what you thought - or not!